About the Book

Queen of Clubs, a novel by author Simon G. John, tells the story of how the villagers of Glanddu in Wales seek, by hook or by crook, to ensure the survival of their rugby club.

In the coming rugby season, the club’s management committee must conjure money out of thin air by any means possible to prevent the club’s demise. A more talented team would be useful, but miracles haven’t happened in Glanddu since Merlin-the-wizard passed through in the sixth century.

No longer a mining village, Glanddu has attracted all sorts of characters for a whole variety of reasons. Three people arrive in the village during the rugby season: Wilson, a recently retired giant of English rugby, takes his boots out of mothballs. Bolotnikov, a Russian gangster, stumbles upon some shady business opportunities. Rhiannon Griffiths, a Hollywood film star, returns to her childhood home to build a shrine for her adoring fans. Can these three odd bedfellows change the fate of the club?

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