Go North, Young ManSimon G. John’s latest novel, Go North, Young Man, is about Don Evans, a Welsh Rugby Union player on the fringe of the national team who is offered a Rugby League trial in the North of England. Back in Wales, Don is in a dead end job, living with his mother and finding girlfriends scarce. It’s the 1960s and a period of social change, but any Union player discovered going for a League trial is branded with an instant lifetime ban from Union. If the League trial is successful he could sign a professional contract, work in a better job and start a new life up North. Should Don attend the trial and agree terms if the League team likes him, or should he return home and wait to see if he gets selected for the Welsh International team? Go North, Young Man is available as a Kindle Book from Amazon U.K. as well as from Amazon sites worldwide.

The Cotton SpiesSimon’s novel The Cotton Spies is available as a free eBook on Smashwords.com. Set in 1918, the novel highlights cotton’s dramatic role in the chaotic events in Central Asia during World War I and the beginning of the Russian Civil War. British intelligence officers are sent into Russia to prevent the Bolsheviks, the Germans and the Ottoman Turks from getting their hands on the cotton and on other vital war resources and to forestall any invasion threat to British India.

Queen of ClubsSimon’s first novel, Queen of Clubs, tells the story of how the villagers of Glanddu in Wales seek, by hook or by crook, to ensure the survival of their rugby club. The novel, available as an eBook only, can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

Simon grew up in the Bloomsbury area of London and now lives in Carmarthen, Wales with his wife, artist and illustrator Lynn Blake John.

Queen of Clubs, the novel